Commercial Fridge Repair and Services Hyderabad

Commercial refrigerators play a vital role for the food industry, as the business is dependent on this system wholly. These systems run uninterruptedly throughout the year if maintained properly to serve the customers at ease. Such refrigerators are the heart of business as they are the prime reason for operating the business smoothly. Many companies in Hyderabad hold the experience in fridge repair at cost-effective prices to make your refrigerator units function and resume back to normal. Coolzones is one such expert solution provider who keeps your business running with outstanding refrigerator repair services.

Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Hyderabad

Coolzones is a reputed fridge service company in Hyderabad that caters to all the repair requirements of the customers no matter wherever they are. We have a skilled team of professionals who have prior experience in inspecting the problem in all brand of refrigerator and provide timely solution. A separate team is available at our company to handle advance issues in commercial fridges.

Our repair services are reasonable and we promise to offer a guarantee for all the services offered. The unique feature of Coolzones is our technicians prioritize the problems and cater to business-oriented units immediately to help them run their business hassle-free. This is the reason many commercial business units in Hyderabad rely on Coolzones for the prompt and quality services we offer.

Different types of problems like water leakage, excess frost in the freezer, strange noises from the refrigerator, cooling issues, condenser problem, evaporator problems, and thermostat issues are all handled with sheer professionalism by our expert team. Due to the vast experience in handling many massive clients, our service professionals understand the main problems that would arise in the commercial refrigerators and provide quick fixes to keep the business flowing. We are just a call away to serve you at the convenience of your home for all your refrigerator problems. You can also fix an appointment online for our experts to be available at your doorstep.

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Types of Commercial Fridge services

Vertical Fridge

Compared to a typical home refrigerator, Vertical fridges are frequently bigger, operate at a cooler temperature, and sometimes have many more sections. Vertical refrigerators may experience more wear and tear and breakdowns than your home refrigerator because they are cooling a larger area and operating at a lower temperature. Cool Zones Vertical refrigerator repair services in Hyderabad solve refrigerator issues and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Coca cola & Thumps-Up

We provide the best refrigeration repair service for Coca-cola & Thumps-Up or any other brand refrigerators in commercial settings. Our skilled technicians have the best industry experience & broad knowledge cock, thumps up brands. In addition to providing repairs, we also inform our customers about Coca-cola & Thumps-Up refrigerators maintenance info and provide helpful advice. Call Cool Zones for Thumbs-up & Coca-cola refrigeration repair services; We provide excellent work at reasonable prices. Additionally, you can count on us to respond quickly.

Visi Cooler

The best option for food outlets, restaurants, and commercial establishments is a visi cooler, which keeps food items from spoiling while being displayed for customers. Visi coolers preserve the freshness of beverages and other food items for extended periods. Serving many clients throughout Hyderabad and Secunderabad, Cool Zones is one of the best companies for Visi cooler repairs and services in Hyderabad.

Water Cooler

You've come to the right place if you're a customer looking for water cooler repair professionals. At Cool Zones, we offer highly skilled water cooler repair services with years of experience in Hyderabad, and we have a solid reputation for performing water cooler repairs. Cool zone technicians handle all water coolers' problems and guarantee accuracy.

Counter fridge

Cool Zones Technicians are qualified and well-trained in Counter fridge Repair. Our specialists are well-versed in Counter freezers and can solve any problem with them. We handle Counter fridge repairs easily because we have years of experience. Cool Zones Hyderabad is an excellent Counter fridge repair service Provider helping various commercial Businesses with any Repair Problems in the city.

Commercial fridge Gas charging

For food products to cool properly, the gas levels in the fridge must be maintained properly. In the absence of enough gas in a fridge, the coolness decreases and food products spoil quickly, affecting a business and creating a bad reputation with customers because of bad Food. Cool Zones assists in these situations by offering affordable gas charging services for Commercial fridges.

Commercial Fridge Repair Services from the Industry Trusted Professionals

If you are looking for the best-in- class refrigerator services, then do not hesitate to get in touch with team as they have adequate experience in handling commercial refrigerators. Our service professionals have the right acumen and observation skills to spot the problem immediately and provide solutions.

Why Choose Coolzones?

Many clients across Hyderabad prefer our company for the timely assistance and friendly services. Also, we are a pro in handling all types of refrigerator problems that makes us the most-reliable fridge repair service provider in the city. Another valid reason for choosing our company is our technicians are adept at analysing the problem at the earliest with their expertise in the industry. We make it a point to educate our service professionals on all latest fridge models as soon as they venture into the market to keep much aware on their behaviour.

Our technicians are calm and composed and approach the customers in a friendly way that makes Coolzones a reliant company for all fridge related services. Coolzones focusses on meeting the customer standards and hence our technicians work putting their maximum efforts to live up to their expectations. Customer satisfaction is the primary motto of our company and we strive hard to achieve excellence in all our repair services. Quality of the repair services are impeccable and special offers are provided often for benefiting the small business units.

Coolzones has a straightforward payment system that is completely cashless and customers can see their bills instantly and download a copy of their invoices.

How we Work?

We work in an approachable way for the clients so that we attend the enquiries on time. An enquiry section is available on the website to help customers submit their problems or call the customer support as a sign of registering their problem. As the second step, customer support team forwards the complaints to the technicians.

They call back the customers to know about the problem and confirm their availability to arrive for the actual repair service at the spot. Then, the technicians reach the destination and provide a permanent solution to the problem as committed to the client. We have plenty of complaints in the queue and we work on first come first serve basis for timely services.


Check the Contact Us section and fill in the enquiry form with all the asked details and hit submit button to get your complaints registered immediately with Coolzones.

Yes, we provide original replacements keeping in mind the quality and standards of our company.

All the service charges are nominal and never over-priced without compromising on the quality of the services.

We are an expert in handling almost all popular brands like Whirlpool, Videocon, Carrier, Croma, Goorej, Daikin, Bluestar, LG, Samsung, Voltas, Hitachi, and many more.

Yes, as a part of our company policy damaged parts are handed over to the customers by the technicians at the end of the service.

Vertical refrigerator, commercial refrigerators, home refrigerators, freezer repair, and mini fridge are some of the repair services handled by Cool zone company experts.

Yes our service professionals provide a guarantee for every repair they make marking the quality of the repair. In case there is any deviation, we promise to fix the problem bearing the service fee.

Brands we serve

At Cool Zones take great satisfaction in repairing and maintaining various brands of air conditioners and appliances, including refrigerators, Commercial refrigerators, Deep refrigerators, Washing machines, and Ice Crame freezers. We are bursting with pride since we have the most excellent professional staff with in-depth knowledge of all brands of appliances available on the market. We provide reasonably priced, high-calibre services for brands like

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