Ice Cream Freezer Repair & Services in Hyderabad

Ice cream freezers are exclusively built to retain the chillness and quality of ice creams in commercial shops. These are designed in a way to store the ice cream for long hours without any melting. However, these machines are susceptible to easy wear outs just like other electronic equipment due to their prolonged usage. This is where Ice cream freezer repair companies come into role-play to make it function just like before by restoring the damages or cooling capacity of the machine.

Ice Cream Freezer Repair in Hyderabad

Although there are many companies who are a pro in ice cream freezer repair in Hyderabad, Coolzones is one trusted and certified company for encountering all the ice cream freezer related issues on time. Our Commercial refrigerant unit has been serving many industries like hospitals, restaurants, church, schools, and colleges to supply the yummiest ice cream to the end users.

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What are Some Common Issues with Ice Cream Freezer?

Some of the frequently reported problems by commercial ice cream freezer companies are failing to cool up to desired temperature, a misbehaving compressor, malfunctioning of the evaporator unit, and frozen evaporator unit. Service professionals at Coolzones handle all these problems gracefully by providing a permanent solution.

All manmade machines are prone to failures at some point or the other, which is unavoidable. All you need is the help of an expert service professional to get it fixed on time to gear up the ice cream business.

Let us look into some common problems occurring in commercial ice cream freezers.

  1. Power: If the freezer is not cooling then there might be a problem in the power cord like loose contact or its gone. In case the power cord is damaged, then it has to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, it can be freezer dipping which requires professional assistance for repair of the unit.
  2. Light: If the freezer light is not working, then the light socket for any damage or corrosion. In such a scenario, immediate replacement of the socket is mandatory.
  3. Thermostat: Most of the cooling issues in refrigerators can be due to improper functioning of the thermostat. You can check this by tuning the temperature of the freezer to confirm the problem.
  4. Compressor: If the compressor is creating, some weird sounds take a step to change the compressor coil. Also, ensure the coils do not emit any leakages. 
  5. Cooling: Cooling capacity of the ice cream freezer is critical for the storage of more units in commercial spaces for effective businesses. Make sure you defrost the machine often to avoid the build-up of ice in the freezer boxes. Hire professionals to help in deep cleaning of the freezer units for super-fast cooling of the freezers.

    Adjust the thermostat temperature accordingly and check if the cooling system is fine. Even if it is not working after that, check the coils for any dust deposit and clean them.

Ice Cream Freezer Repair & Services General Service

We take pride in handling all types of refrigerator services of which ice cream freezer repair is our specialization. We understand freezers are an indispensable unit of the refrigerators and our team works hard to bring back the system to normalcy for a smooth business workflow. It is high time you take care of your machines by seeking help from industry-trusted assistants for greater endurance.

Ice Cream Freezer Gas charging

A Great & Necessary service provided by Cool Zones is gas charging. The Ice Cream Freezer needs its gas charged to retain the cooled Ice Cream freezing Temperature. Gas charging is available through our services at reasonable costs. If the Ice Cream Freezer is not freezing enough to keep Goods Freezed, your freezer probably needs Gas Charing Services.

Why Choose Us?

Getting timely help for your ice cream freezer is so crucial for your flowing business. For this, you need to contact a highly experienced technician who will look into the problem and provide a solution right away to save your time and machine. We have a team of skilled professionals at Coolzones who are versatile enough to deal with complex freezer issues to resume back to normal. Our service experts will arrive in no time and get it solved before you even understand the actual problem completely.

How we Work?

At Coolzones, we take in charge for your freezer machine by allowing our technicians to inspect the problem at first. In case the fix requires additional time, we will inform you and get the ice cream freezer machine repaired at the earliest. We work through first come first serve basis based on complaints we receive. In case you need an urgent help, please fill in enquiry form or call us on our toll free number. Our assistants are available round the clock to rush to your business unit within few minutes.


Maintaining the freezer at optimum temperature can retain the colour and flavour of the ice cream by preventing the contamination and extending the life of the ice cream packets.

Full fat ice cream endures a longer life than the non-fat ones. The favourable temperature for full fat is – 28.9 degrees for a maximum of 6 months while the latter cannot withstand at that temperature more than four months.

  • Proper stacking of the stockings.
  • Adequate insulation to avoid any leakage in the freezer coils.
  • Proper arrangement for heat insulation.
  • Appropriate selection of cold room machinery that promises sufficient air circulation in the freezer.
  • Proper installation of the condenser unit coils for improved safety.

The ideal storage temperature for ice cream is 0 to 4 degree Celsius and can last up to 2 weeks with a controlled RH. Frozen desserts favour a temperature of 26 to 30 degree Celsius and have the capability to stay fresh until 2 months with a controlled RH.

Brands we serve

At Cool Zones take great satisfaction in repairing and maintaining various brands of air conditioners and appliances, including refrigerators, Commercial refrigerators, Deep refrigerators, Washing machines, and Ice Crame freezers. We are bursting with pride since we have the most excellent professional staff with in-depth knowledge of all brands of appliances available on the market. We provide reasonably priced, high-calibre services for brands like

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