A washing machine is an essential appliance for homes as it lessens workload and saves time. The state-of-the-art washing machine comes with the latest technology, dryers, hot waters etc. With continuous usage, there are more chances for washing machines to break down which hinders usual routine. Hence proper handling and maintenance of washing machines are essential.

In that way, Cool zones Hyderabad is an excellent choice for washing machine repairs and services. Many customers opt for Cool zones for their customer-friendly nature and immediate repair services.

Washing Machine Repair in Hyderabad

Collaborate with Cool zones as we are leaders in washing machine repairs, maintenance and service in Hyderabad. Qualified Cool zones are a one-stop solution for washing machine repairs and services. Our technicians work with all models of washing machines such as front load, top load, automatic and semi-automatic. By associating with Cool zones, customers gain professional repair services from trained and certified professionals.

The experts at Cool zones exceed the customer’s expectations as they handle all types of issues with brands like Bosh, LG, Samsung, IFB, Whirlpool and more. Moreover, these experts take care of every issue with washing machines such as water drain problem, drum not spinning, voltage issues, loose connection, the incomplete finish of operation, detergent dispenser issues, button panel not working etc. Cool zones have bagged a good name for its repair services, and evidenced by the customers it holds.

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Cool zones are a talented team that takes heed in the service and repair the competitive world. Our technicians with sound talent ace the test by providing accurate solutions to all washing machine problems. Please take a look at the services our leaders provide.

Front-load washing machine

The elegant look and effective operations seize the attention of customers. Hence more per cent of people choose front load washing machines. The front-load washing machines also face hot water not working, display not working, water draining problem, dispenser issues etc. For such issues, call Cool zones, and we take care of the rest. Our skilled specialists work minutely on all of the problems with front load washing machines.

Top-load washing machines

The most frequently and majorly used machine is none other than the top load washing machine. Cool zones take responsibility and work on all issues associated with top-load machines. Our crew is expertise in top load washing machines and has excellent knowledge in top load repair services.

Semi-automatic washing machines

Cool zones with a competent team repair all semi-automatic washing machines with ease. Since we have handled plenty of customers with semi-automatic washing machines across Hyderabad, we are well-acknowledged to the common problems that arise. Hence our technicians handle such issues effortlessly.


Fully automated washing machine 

A fully automated washing machine has turned out to be a staple household appliance, making laundry an effortless chore. On the other hand, breaking down such essential appliances is frustrating, making laundry a tedious task. There are ample reasons for the breakdown or repair of a fully automated washing machine. In that manner, the best washing machine technicians are scattered across the city to solve any washing machine issue. These experts handle everything from washing machine installation to uninstallation and all repairs instantly. 

washing machine installation and uninstallation

The most frequently and majorly used machine is none other than the top load washing machine. Cool zones take responsibility and work on all issues associated with top-load machines. Our crew is expertise in top load washing machines and has excellent knowledge in top load repair services.

washing machine repair

Washing machines break down due to several reasons. It is always a smart way to get the help of experienced washing machine technicians to solve any issues. Only a professional washing machine expert can identify and solves the issues perfectly. Let us run through a few washing machine common repair issues. If you experience such issues, call us and get the services done at your doorstep. 

Experiencing Any of These Common Washing Machine Problems,

The washing machine doesn't run.

 The washing machine not running is the most common issue that many customers face. There are several reasons behind this, such as tripped circuit, blown fuse, and malfunctioning control panel. Other significant reasons include faulty timers, broken lid switches, and more. It is essential to check the power supply and ensure the machine is plugged in perfectly and the outlet works. Also, checking the water supply for proper flow may be a reason. Seeking the help of a professional technician is always the best. 

The washing machine doesn't rinse correctly

A clogged filter or a malfunctioning water pump may be the significant reason for rinse issues. Moreover, issues with the machine's water level controls or malfunctioning timer may also be a reason. A dirty or clogged washing machine drum may also avert proper rinsing. A professional washing machine technician finds the root cause by checking the filters, drum and other components

The washer is making a loud noise

The main reasons for loud washing machine noise are an unbalanced laundry load, damaged or worn drum bearings, a worn-out pulley or failing drive belt and broken parts. Redistributing the load or moving the machine to a stable surface solves the issues. If the problem persists, associating with the best washing machine technicians is the best way. 

Washer is vibrating

The washing machine vibrates due to its heavy load, and is resolved by loading appropriate clothes. However, improper levelling and adjustment of legs also make the machine move around and vibrate during spin. Damages, drum bearings and broken parts are a few other reasons the washing machine can vibrate. Call us, and we will fix your issues in minutes. 

washing machine drain pump filter 

The drain pump filters debris, hair, and lint from entering the machine and clogging the hose. A filter clog leads to draining issues and machine overflow. There are a few symptoms to know the filter is clogged, such as a musty smell, leak from the machine, slow draining etc. Call us and fix the issue, and we will also educate the preventive measures for drain pump filter issues. 

The washing machine motor not working

A washing machine with a failed motor may not start or spin with sound. It may also avoid draining. Hence holding hands with trained washing machine experts is essential. 

washing machine start-up problem

Electrical faults, power supply, faulty timer, issues with the lid switch, malfunctioning door latch etc., are a few reasons for start-up issues in washing machines. 

Washing machine repair from Experts

While customers face washing machine repairs, experts understand the problems and resolve them. In that manner, Cool zones have the best washing machine experts as they possess in-depth knowledge in washing machine repairing. The technicians are trained professionally in handling all brands and models of the washing machine.

The certified professionals evaluate the washing machine for repairs and solve them perfectly. Since we have professionals as experts, they resolve issues in washing machines such as water inlet, outlet issues, drum problem, machine not running problems and more unusual issues precisely.

A Fully automated washing machine faces most of the above-discussed issues. It is advised to clean regularly and maintain washing machines to avoid future issues. Seeking the assistance of professional washing machine repairs is a safe and best choice for good service and repairs. Our technicians also discuss cleaning and maintenance tips and ways to maintain the machine for long life. Call us and enjoy our services at your doorstep. 


Why Choose Us?

Customers across Hyderabad always love to choose Cool zones for exceptional repairs and services they offer. Cool zones centre technicians are trained professionally and possess good experience in handling washing machine repairs. The primary motto of our company is customer satisfaction, and we move the extra mile for the same.

Our technicians work with dedication and handle every project with care. Many customers book Cool zones for the pocket-friendly charges and exceptional repair service we offer. Customers are pleased when their washing machine repairs are solved immediately. We take pride as we reach the customer’s venue and solve washing machine issues immediately.

Customers choose us for the extraordinary quality work we offer. Our technicians are friendly; they educate and advise customers on various aspects of the washing machines. Cool zones are hence, audience choice and favourite too.

How do we operate?

The working strategy of Cool zones is simple for the customers. For customers facing problems with washing machines, call Cool zones without a pause. Our experts reach the venue within time. Tech-savvy customers can navigate the Cool zones website and fill out the online form with contact details and problems. Once the above is complete, Cool zones technicians call the customers and confirm the details and reach the residence at once.

Cool zones are pioneers in washing machine repairs and services and have served ample customers across Hyderabad for a decade. However, collaborating with Cool zones helps customers get rid of their washing machine problems quickly. Call us for washing machine repairs, and we will take care of the rest. Use our services for reliable washing machine repairs.


Yes, Cool zones technicians are well-versed in handling all types of washing machines.

Yes, Cool zones accept all modes of payments.

Yes, Cool zones replace only manufactured and quality parts.

Yes, we provide a guarantee for washing machine repair services and parts replacement.

Yes, the technicians are trained and certified for washing machine repairs, and hence they possess sound knowledge.

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At Cool Zones take great satisfaction in repairing and maintaining various brands of air conditioners and appliances, including refrigerators, Commercial refrigerators, Deep refrigerators, Washing machines, and Ice Crame freezers. We are bursting with pride since we have the most excellent professional staff with in-depth knowledge of all brands of appliances available on the market. We provide reasonably priced, high-calibre services for brands like

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